How to use TroidVPN app for unlimited free internet trick

How to use TroidVPN app for unlimited free internet

Hello friends today I will show you how you can access free unlimited 2g or 3g internet using TroidVPN app in your android mobile.Troid VPN is one of the best vpn for surfing free internet in Android Mobiles. With this trick you need to download any config files. This trick is working with Troid VPN and Proxy. We use TCP port 443 for free airtel Internet in android mobile. 

Troid VPN FeaturesTroid VPN Features:

1. Free user don’t need to enter any credientals.

2. Free user limit 150MB/day

3. High speed upto 1MB/s You can use this trick in zero balance.

How to use TroidVPN in your Android Mobile:

How to use Free  Airtel 3G Trick in your Android Mobile from TroidVPn 2015 If troidvpn works in your computer contact me for premium account of troidvpn. We give you unlimited troidvpn account without registration. Below you find configuration of troidvpn account. You can also download troidvpn apk from Troidvpn official website.

1. Download TroidVPN from Google Play Store.

2. Install Troid VPN anroid app in your 3G android phone.

3. Click on advanced and create settings and put these proxy server and port in box.

Proxy Server-

Port- 3128 

4. Go back and connect with second server. If you not getting 3g signal in your phone, do small 3g pack in airtel sim. Enjoy 100% workingAirtel High Speed Internet in your 3G/2G Android mobile from Troid VPN or Proxy.

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