How to Generate Paytm QR Code For Retailers

Hello friends today I will tell you how you can generate Paytm QR code if you are a retailer or shopkeeper. In this tutorial I will explain every step. Now you can easily collect  all your payment.

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How to Generate Paytm QR Code:

1.First connect your Android Mobile or Desktop to the Internet and open the Browser in it.
2.Now you have Visit Paytm QR Code Generator Page Here.
3.If you are not English, then please Click here for Hindi.
4.Please provide contact information in the form.
5.Fill up your all the required details Like – First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Business/Outlet Name, Pincode, City, Business Address etc.
6.After that, Click on “Submit” Botton.
That’s it!! Once the all process has complete, Then Paytm team will give you call back in 48 hours.

Get Your Paytm QR Code Instantly :

1.Download Paytm app on your smartphone & sign up using your mobile number.
2.After Fill this Form and generate your Paytm QR Code Instantly.
3.Print and Paste your QR Code at your counter.
4.Ask your customers to tap Pay or send button, scan your QR Code, enter amount and Pay.

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